Back to Self: Professional Healers Retreat

Release & Renew Retreats … presents

One-Day Intensive Back to “Self”

Professional Healers

(Women and Men)


Enchanted April Inn, Pilot Hill
El Dorado County, California


Retreat rescheduled for 2019
Stay tune for more information


Facilitated by
Kimberly Greene, LMFT & Trauma Specialist

Retreat includes: Breath Work * Guided Imagery * Gentle Yoga Postures * Experiential Practices * Mindfulness Techniques * Vision Board * Trauma Release Specific Techniques * Light Snacks * Gift Bag

Gift Bag includes: Aroma Therapy Nasal Inhaler * Healthy Snacks for the day * Intention Chain * Moon Stone Orb * Journal

I invite you to take the “Self Care” within your “Self” first! Back to Self: Professional Healers (Women and Men) Retreat dates are available on:

  • Saturday, October 20, 2018
  • Saturday, June 1, 2019

A “One Day” detour from your daily routine of giving to others to embrace self nurturing and inner peace.

Imagine “One-Day” completely dedicated to You and Your inner balance.

This is an opportunity to spend uninterrupted time on “Self” exploration and healing for the Healer.

The whole day is specially designed to lift up and support each individual in a powerful group setting of like minded individuals.

What’s unique is the internal processing that will occur, allowing each participant to have their own very private, individual experience.

Your day will be facilitated on the serene property of the Enchanted April Inn. It’s an ideal place to unplug, slow down, and get back in touch with yourself. It is in this beautiful place that you will take some time to focus on “You, Your Life and Your Inner Awareness.”

This Day is for You if…
• You need a day to realign and recharge
• You want to gain new tools for balance
• You need to manifest inner empowerment
• You seek the support of others in the healing community
• You need help moving past the “Past”

Questions? Contact me for more information about Release & Renew Retreats.

Register for the One-Day Intensive Back to Self: Professional Healers Retreat, at the Enchanted April Inn, Pilot Hill in El Dorado County, California. Facilitated by Kimberly Greene, LMFT & Trauma Specialist.

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Back to Self: Professional Healers Retreat