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Release Renew Retreats - Kimberly Green, LMFT

Release & Renew


Interventions for Wellness and Mental Balance,

Empowerment and Transformation

* Trauma Release Specific Techniques
* Guided Imagery
Mindfulness Techniques
* Vision Boards

Upon request only. I can attend your clinic, seminar, workshop, or organized group. I provide an opportunity for the purpose of healing through my many interventions, or I train professionals in trans-formative interventions for trauma work.

For professionals, you will experience and learn interventions that you can use with clients right away.

For groups, I guide you through interventions that help you break free from whatever is limiting you in your NOW.

Release & Renew

Kimberly Greene, LMFT & Trauma Specialist


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November 27, 2020

Together We Heal

Together We Heal - Release & Renew Retreats